Why Don’t I Host My Travel Blog Here?

I have tried many many times over the years to upkeep a blog, and other than for a period of about 2 years in my early 20’s; I haven’t really done anything that I kept up with. However, that changed about a month ago when I decided to write a blog about some travel planning I was in the process of. I have no clue if anyone even reads it, but putting my travel ideas and such down in a format for others to read at least gets them down somewhere¬†I can reference them later. If I’m left with just my own devices on that, I wind up with scribbles in a notebook that usually has some cryptic shortcuts labeling them. At least I can go back and decipher what I was writing down.

So I started this thing about a month ago, and at the time I didn’t have a server. My last attempt at hosting a blog went south really quickly, and I got so angry and frustrated that I gave up. I decided if I ever had something I was serious about; I would just buy WordPress¬†hosting from some-place. I had spent a couple days setting up and securing my server, and for some reason when I copied one blog from it’s existing environment to the server; all hell broke loose and I wound up having to rebuild the VPS due to lack of being able to diagnose it. That’s the first time I’d ever had that happen, and to this day those original installs haven’t caused the same issue.

So when I decided to start the travel blog, I just went ahead and bought standard website hosting that supported WordPress. The whole thing cost me like, $13 for a year with the .website domain and an SSL cert. While I could move the entire operation over to this machine, it’s already running over there and it’s paid for. Maybe at the end of the year, I’ll move it on to here. I only bought this damn server because it was a really good deal. It’s paid up for a whole year too.