Great Support There ChicagoVPS

Just a little tale about some slightly dysfunctional support from my hosting provider.

So I’m “renting” this CloudVPS from ChicagoVPS. I have used them in the past despite recommendations I not. My first experience however wasn’t horrible. This one has been….interesting.

Unlike TragicServers, if you want rDNS you have to request it with a ticket. This wasn’t an issue a couple years ago…I submitted the request and within 24 hours it was done.

Things didn’t go so smooth this time.

I submitted the request and got the reply it would take time to propagate. I understand a little of how DNS works…so that was fine. The TTL on them are usually 24 hours…so wait a day and everything should be good.

Nope. 4 days later my IP was still reversing to the default domain. So I submitted a request showing a screenshot of host confirming this. I got a response back that said it was already done and would take a few hours. I said ok and would check again in 24 hours.

I get another reply from a different rep at about 4am showing me a screen shot confirming it was set. Now Im getting a proper response out of host. I thanked them and said it was working.

I just got what read like a form reply that said “it would take a few hours”.

Uhhhh…ok..sure. Whatever you say. That will hopefully be the last time I need to contact them.