ChicagoVPS (again): It was a short term problem

The saga of ChicagoVPS continues…..

If you remember my last post, I ranted about what seemed like a minor issue I’d be facing with the OpenVZ platform from ChicagoVPS.

Well, the shit really hit the fan.

Yesterday I attempted to connect to my ZNC bouncer from my phone only to find it wasn’t responding, in fact nothing was; I had to log in to control panel and boot my machine. Yes, it once again suffered from problems with the node. This time I got a response from Mike over there who said the buf18 node was kernel panicing, and apparently it was quite the ordeal. I was given an offer of a prorated credit or placement on a new node. So naturally, I thought…just move me to another node.

However, it seemed moving to a new node was going to require a complete killing of the current VPS and entirely new provisioning. The reason stated was the new node might not match the exact hardware configuration of the old one. Well, I was a little upset at the prospect of having to redo everything, so I said let me have a chance to back stuff up; that worked for them because he was out of the office.

I couldn’t even get that far, the entire node was down all last night.¬†Pissed off I told them to just move the damn thing…that I was a little miffed at this problem, especially since it was going to require me to reconfigure everything from scratch.

So I sent a ticket reply saying to just move it, that I’d have to deal with starting over on my SSL certs and stuff later. But what happened next surprised me. Apparently, they attempted a migration and it in fact worked! I got a message about an hour or so later that the container came up on the new node with it’s new IP port. I logged in expecting an empty server only to find all my stuff was there. It literally had come back online.

Anyway…I’m not going to say it was a great experience…it was a lot of headache and the thought of having to start over from scratch was annoying; but in the end they did make a serious effort to get me going again and they did succeed; so I give them major props on that. We’ll see how this new node works…apparently, it was such a problem they moved everyone off and tossed them a free month of service.

In the end I’m about results; in fact, I often tell people to ignore my angry rants until the job is completely done because my temper really flares up when I’m stressed. I used to bottle it all up but that results in bad things.