“Tech Stuff” Custom Column for Foobar2000

I hacked together a little column for Foobar2000

I’ve been an off-again and on-again user of Foobar2000. I remember when it first came out and I found a couple of neat uses for it; but it never fully replaced Winamp as my primary music player. In fact, I continued to use old outdated versions of Winamp with marginally newer versions of plugins up until a year ago. It was a good 19 year run, ranking up there with Goldwave as nonĀ OS applications and old DOS games I’ve been using the longest. I switched last year when I found myself upgrading to a DSD capable DAC. I don’t think I even had a transition period. I was already familiar with the program and it solved a number of playback issues I was having with Winamp.

So earlier today I wanted to take a screenshot to show off the last of the Weird Al HDTracks collection I was buying (because <96/24 isn’t worth the premium), but I wanted to show the sample-rate and bit-depth information for each track. Foobar2000 already had column options for showing the sample-rate, but it was a “raw” number; I also wanted bit-depth information. After a little digging, I found the code that let me get the bit-depth information as well as some code to reduce the sample-rate from Hz to kHz. After playing around I decided to add the codec and bitrate information and formatted it to match the way I wanted, kHz/bits – Codec – Bitrate.

Just add this to the pattern of a new column titled whatever the hell you want:

$div(%samplerate%,1000)$replace($insert($right($div(%samplerate%,100),1),.,0),.0,)’/'[%__bitspersample%] ‘-‘ %codec% ‘-‘ %bitrate% kbps

Activate the new column and enjoy. I haven’t yet seen what this does when playing DSD, but since I keep it separate from my PCM based collection I don’t really care.