Mountain Dew “Ice” – Branding Gone Nuts

So I was in the grocery store last night and saw yet another version of Mt Dew on the shelf. I decided to give it a try.

Now I’ve been drinking this stuff for much longer than I should admit to, though during my impressionable youth I suppose I got hooked in to the branding. I’ve cut way back on my soda cosumption as I got older and sometimes I don’t reach for a Dew anymore, but it still holds a place as an old standby.

I remember when Code Red came out. I was disappointed. It didn’t taste like Mountain Dew and more like carbonated Hawaiian Punch. Livewire was a surprising change and Baja Blast was the flavored Dew I’d been expecting since 2002. I found that despite brand influence, I’d come to get used to and prefer the original flavor. Even when throwback came out…it took a while to realize it just wasn’t the HFCS version I’d come to love…which is interesting because I love the real sugar Pepsi.So I get this Ice not knowing what to expect.

Its a Sprite/7-Up clone. A typical lemon lime soda. It has a very limey aftertaste, more than Sprite. Almost seemed to be more tart. But it’s obviously not Mountain Dew. The biggest thing is it has caffeine whereas most Lemon/Lime sodas don’t.

I can underatand variations of a soda…but this is entirely different. It tastes like Mt Dew is trying to become its own brand entirely.

Now if only get Pepsi 1893(or is it 1892) in a 12 pack for the price if regular Pepsi.

Eat A Dick, Sessions

Fuck you…yoh fucking fascist asshole.

The people spoke…they voted…and you like a goddamn moron decide to overturn it. You and the rest of an excuse of this facist piece if shit dictatorship have decided you want to enforce what YOU want.

You won’t talk aboit changing policy…no one else wants to talk about changing policy. You want to force this policy on a public that increasingly don’t agree with it.

The will of the people are being murdered. Our democracy is decaying. You’re part of the system.

You said you weren’t going to do this. You lied. You are unfit for the office. I have even LESS trust on the legitimacy of the administration.


Eat a dick.