Mountain Dew “Ice” – Branding Gone Nuts

So I was in the grocery store last night and saw yet another version of Mt Dew on the shelf. I decided to give it a try.

Now I’ve been drinking this stuff for much longer than I should admit to, though during my impressionable youth I suppose I got hooked in to the branding. I’ve cut way back on my soda cosumption as I got older and sometimes I don’t reach for a Dew anymore, but it still holds a place as an old standby.

I remember when Code Red came out. I was disappointed. It didn’t taste like Mountain Dew and more like carbonated Hawaiian Punch. Livewire was a surprising change and Baja Blast was the flavored Dew I’d been expecting since 2002. I found that despite brand influence, I’d come to get used to and prefer the original flavor. Even when throwback came out…it took a while to realize it just wasn’t the HFCS version I’d come to love…which is interesting because I love the real sugar Pepsi.So I get this Ice not knowing what to expect.

Its a Sprite/7-Up clone. A typical lemon lime soda. It has a very limey aftertaste, more than Sprite. Almost seemed to be more tart. But it’s obviously not Mountain Dew. The biggest thing is it has caffeine whereas most Lemon/Lime sodas don’t.

I can underatand variations of a soda…but this is entirely different. It tastes like Mt Dew is trying to become its own brand entirely.

Now if only get Pepsi 1893(or is it 1892) in a 12 pack for the price if regular Pepsi.