Android Music Players: My Running List (Updated: 9 Apr)

This is going to be a continually updated list of music/media players I’ve tried for Android, along with my successes, failures, and opinions of the application. My only main requirement that I cannot flex on is that it must support Ogg Opus. It is, for this reason, many of you may find your favorite “best media player ever” got a pretty negative review.

Update: (9 Apr. 2017)

At some point within the last two weeks, someone suggested I give GoneMadMediaPlayer a try. Holy smokes. I like it. I like it so much I want to pay for it; but there are some stability issues with my device that have to be worked out. So till then…the beta version of Foobar2k seems to be working just fine. Less playback errors than the released version and it features an EQ. It’s not a very good EQ, but it’s a start.


Second Batch (24 Mar. 2017)

  • Musicolet [Nope]

  • Blackplayer [Nope]

  • FoldPlay [Nope]

  • Casse-o-player [Nope]

None of these seem to recognize .opus files.


Initial List (21 Mar. 2017)

  • VLC
  • PowerAmp
  • Foobar2k
  • AIMP



This was the first player I tried due to the high recommendations, despite being written by some Russian guy. I was successfully able to play Opus, but for some reason using aptx resulting in a lot of skipping; and even without it there were stability problems.


VLC is known for supporting almost anything on the PC, and I was able to confirm through documentation that Opus was a supported format. This time around the streams were extremely stable and problem free, even with aptx. The UI is ok, though I wish I could have it add all files in a folder to a playlist and starting at the track I picked. This is how my old iPod was set up to work. The EQ is acceptable; it’s a 10-band compared to most of the Android 5-bands, but bass overloads without turning down the preamp level lower than what you seem to need within Android (because all those apps just interface to a 5 band EQ in Android). But for sound tweakability and stability, it’s tops.

PowerAmp: [NOPE!]

PowerAmp looks like a nice player, I just have two major issues with it. It didn’t want to even try to read my SD card…and it doesn’t know what an .opus file is. Those reasons alone gave it a nope rating. I’m sure those of you using it have a really nice player, and if it supported .opus I’d probably pay for it.


I use the PC version, so why not the mobile version? It has many of the same features and DSP capabilities, though it lacks an EQ. It seemed to behave like my iPod did when I picked a file in a folder; adding all of them to a playlist and started at the track I picked. I could add multiple folders to a playlist, but I’d like to see some kind of recursive function. Stability is pretty good, I’ve heard some random dropouts. They’re more of an annoyance than anything they happen so infrequently. I believe it’s more of a beta in some regards, so I might have to look up if there’s a website or send the author an email.

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