Yanny vs. Laurel – This Shit Needs To Stop

Not this stupid bullshit again. First, it was a dress, then it was shoes, now it’s some stupid bullshit about what a computerized voice is saying.


What the fuck is wrong with you people? You’re debating over a stupid bullshit computerized voice! There is so much other important shit going on, but no…everyone stop so we can make a bunch of damn fools of ourselves. I remember the dress thing…I remember it clearly. I felt the whole thing was fucking idiotic, and I still do. That whole bullshit situation was rife with problems…the first being it was a low-resolution shitty camera phone picture with horrible lighting.

So why am I angry this time? Because years of audio work has taught me a thing or two. For the record, I heard Laurel. It sounds like every other computerized voice saying laurel (or lore-el) I’ve ever heard. But that’s becauseĀ unlike 99% of you people…I actually have this thing called “proper high-fidelity audio reproduction”. I’m not using my cell phone’s shitty speaker..I’m not using headphones. I’m using the exact same shit I use to mix and master tracks. Trying to figure out something audio wise with a cell phone is like trying to dig a hole with a fork…it doesn’t forking work!

So this is problem number 1, you have a bunch of unqualified idiots using the shittiest sound reproduction arguing about what you hear. I’ll tell you to your face whatever you hear is wrong just based on the fact when I read that people heard something different when they “took off their headphones”…I just threw my hands up and was like “What the fuck?”.

So problem 2, you’re just a bunch of dumb fucks. Seriously. If you had to take your headphones off to hear your phone better…seriously…what were your headphones connected to?

Problem 3, the audio clip has the same problems as the damn dress photos. I clearly hear background sounds, I hear mouse clicking…this was a cheap-ass attempt at an open-mic recording of a computer. The clip is flawed for this reason. No, in my opinion…this is just some stupid fucking bullshit to make you people distracted. There is MERCHANDISE around this debate…already. Someone planned this shit. The whole thing was likely done to make money.

I’m willing to say this entire debate was a set-up as well and just proves the power of “mob mentality” and the stupidity of people. What better way to sell a bunch of shit than to start up a debate on it…and the whole thing is pointless. WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MATTER WHAT YOU HEARD? I have already established you’re barely qualified to identify the sound of something that was flawed in it’s recording in the first place.

Flawed source, flawed opinion, flawed results.

This reminds me of how flat-earth shit has taken off. Everyone gets on a bandwagon, they start using flawed logic to defend their position.

Our country is under attack from outside and from within by people who can’t manage a fucking store let alone the country. While Americans suffer at the lousy selfish decisions of our government..you people are debating what you goddamn heard.

You’re as deaf and blind as you are dumb.

Cut this shit out. This does not to be news…this is the type of tomfoolery that needs to be dismissed as what it is…stupid childish playground bullshit.

You might hear Laurel, you might hear Yanny; I just near a bunch of goddamn idiots who need to focus on actual issues than wasting time on this stupid bullshit so a couple of people can make bank.

I could sit here and process the audio, analyze it, and explain how one could hear both. But I’m not, why?


Cut the bullshit. Whatever you heard; you’re wrong.

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