Domains are back

I had to change registrars….this was fun…and adter the behavior of the previous one I’m glad I got away from them.

For the last few years I’ve had my domain at Netfirms. The prices were agreeable and I never had an issue. That however changed over the weekend when I went to renew my domains.

The first thing that happened is my credit card wasn’t accepted. The only reason I can think of is some kind of block on international transactions since the registrar is based in Canada. But what got me is this suspended my account every single time. This required me to email in a copy of my driver’s license.

I did this…they told me to try again. Same thing. Account locked. Resubmitted payment…failure and suspension again. I tried PayPal…instant suspension.

No matter what I did…they didn’t want my money and didn’t seem to want me as a customer. I already emailed them my driver’s license several times..I was getting sick of it.

So I decided to transfer over to Namecheap. I had them for a WordPress blog back before I bought this server and…it was ok. So I got my auth codes…paid Namecheap…and submitted the transfer.

This is where the previous registrar went total asshole. The very first thing they did before notifying me about the pending transfer was cancel my account. Then they sent me some badly worded and confusing email. What thrys sent me was a confirmation of transfer…what they told me is that it was a link to cancel and that my domain would auto transfer on Thanksgiving.

In the meantime…they malformed my DNS entries…effectively hijacking my domains. While my IP was still showing up…they had added theirs to it. All of my resources were unavailable. Things kept running and if I happen to want something on a port they didn’t have on their parking server…I could still get in. But all the web content was locked away.

Anyway…turns out the page thry linked me was a confirmation and cancellation page. Oncr I clicked the confirmation link…they transferred in five minutes.

Some have told me the DNS stuff was normal when using registrar basic domains, others have said its hostile. I think if anything, NetFirms was trying to make it as difficult and confusing as possible; as a customer that’s a bit shady and a reason to never use them again.

I have high hopes I won’t have these problems with Namecheap.