Fuck those Korean assholes right in thier stupid fucking asses.

Hyundai sucks. Fuck Hyundai. I had a 2011 Elantra that blew the fuck up at only 60k miles. There was no warranty left for me. The car had not been abused and no one knows why the engine failed.

All I know is I once had a car I paid a lot of money for…and now I have absolutely nothing.

Hyundai can fuck itself. Fuck imports.

If you buy a Hyundai you’re a goddamn idiot. If you rely on your Hyundai you’re a goddamn idiot.

Seriously. Fuck Hyundai. Your cars suck.

Thanks for absolutely nothing. I’ve lost my car…I’ve lost half my possessions just trying to get myself out of a jam that your fucking shitty engines caused. DON’T PUT UNTESTED ENGINES IN CARS! All you did was fuck your customers.

Fuck you. Fuck your cars. Fuck anyone who thinks they’re good. They’re garbage waiting to die.

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