How To Lose 6TB Of Storage In 24 Hours

Remember that whole ordeal with the Remote NAS. Oh boy did that not work out well.

I don’t know at what point or for how long my hard drives were screwed up; but apparently the whole ordeal was going south a lot faster than I anticipated. When we last left this situation; I had just gotten an internal LAN bridged to the PersonalCloud for accessing the NFS shares directly on other VMs.

In the meantime, because I can’t remember if I mentioned it, I discovered the 3TB HDD I used to back up some of the NAS data was suffering issues. There’s data loss; I don’t know how much and I don’t know how much is irreplaceable. I’m not even sure just what exactly is wrong with the thing. I can still access some data on it…and have been able to copy data off. The amount I can’t access hasn’t gotten worse, which leaves me hope I can salvage some of it. In addition to the only known copy of my web-backup; it contains some backups that will make my overall life a lot easier in getting everything set back up, as well as some degree of system backups from previous installs/systems.

The good news, for some of this, is that most of that data was actually copied over to the NAS for convenience; and was was contained on one of two full-size “deep storage” drives. Both are actually previous external drives, and neither one had been accessed since I think sometime in 2018 when I discovered my desktop was happier with just one system SATA drive. So at some point I copied some data over to the NAS so I didn’t have to go finding it. At least I think. I’m not going to know for sure for a couple of days. But both of those drives are fully intact. Hell, the one is a Hitachi GST from 2009; that puppy will be working up until sATA is obsolete.

But I am in a situation where not only do I need to replace this space; I need to be able to attempt some data recovery. So realizing I needed to do this “properly” and could get away with it without being bitched at; I found a reasonably priced 2-bay Synology, a pair of 3 TB drives; and a 2-bay sata-to-USB3 docking port. Yes, a multi-bay USB3 box with a USB3 card in the 610 would be the most optimal, and cheaper; but that seemed like a bit of a hassle I didn’t want to go through. At some point down the road; I can get some much larger drives for it and still keep the initial 6TB.