It All Changed…Again

The long-term plan was to get that R610 out of where I had it and in to an out-of-the-way location inside the house. But it’s required changing the network….again. I also never saved the original file source, so I had to draw a whole new network schematic.

So let me try to explain what’s going on here…based on feedback I’ve gotten from people.

Most of my network is on the network…as that’s the network my ISP router is using for the LAN side. Mostly what has changed here is the location of the R610 in relation to the network. The original schematic had an error in which port/bridge was actually the storage network…but that’s minor.

Traffic on are represented by the black, red, and green lines. The red and green lines were only dawn for some clarity; they are bridged in the network VM just as they were prior to the move. Except rather than providing bridges for a wifi AP and computer; the two segements of my wired Ethernet run through it. This freed up some ports on the main router, allowing me to switch iDRAC over from it’s shared port to a dedicated port. I found out that when it was shared with eth0, I literally had to talk to the thing on eth0; bridging broke my ability to talk to it.

The Synology network stayed the same, indicated in blue.

At some point I’m going to replace the ISP’s router with something running pfSense. What I’ve got is working fine now…but I think if I keep studying networking concepts and configurations; I might be able to come up with something a bit more optimal. I’m not opposed to the ideas of using VLANs as long as I can route shit where I want it.