The Last 4 Months: MEH

So it’s…been a couple of months. That’s pretty much what everyone can say about the last year…it’s been…a while. Good news is we’re maybe, slowly, getting back to normal? I’ve totally neglected writing any kind of update in the last few months; and while not much has actually happened….enough has happened that rather than try to write some nice summary introduction; we’re just going to jump right in to things.

Foobar2000 “Programming”

In case you’ve never used Foobar2000, it’s actually quite the program. I remember when Peter released it in an IRC room like…20 years ago. It was very unique among players at the time in that it’s UI design was pretty basic, even by the day’s standards. But one of the crazier things is it’s internal scripting for “title formatting”. A rather robust set of commands for getting information, formatting it, doing logic operations, math, and almost everything a basic programming language does. I’ve played it with it rarely, but I dove in to it last night. My goal? I wanted something to output the file length in 75fps “Redbook” timecode.

New Hardware Time

Last thing I wrote about…briefly, was my the smartwatch. That’s not the only new piece of hardware I’ve picked up. I finally bought another computer to replace the one I lost last year; but since my back is still being an asshole…I went with a laptop. A gaming laptop. And my back is being a major asshat right now.