Breaking Stuff, Unbreaking Stuff, & Menus

I made a really stupid mistake with my Xen setup at home and deleted a virtual disk with a strange name that wound up powering my network.

I also added and have reorganized menus.

Did you notice the nice fancy menus at the top? They were there last week but I didn’t mention it as I was still planning to tweak them. They’ll also change in the future as I consolidate to add more entries. For example, I started with stuff related to my RPi and Android development as separate entries; but now they’re under embedded. Things will likely be consolidated further as I find the need for new generic main entries. I’m largely just finally putting the effort in to this due to a bit of a feedback loop; screwing around with this gave me something to blog about. This in turn lead to some feedback saying to keep doing exactly that; and to document even the silliest small hacks.

So I wrote a number of pages for stuff that didn’t have existing project pages; and just linked to some repositories for others. For example, I was actually able to recover a copy of both my original articles on IPv6 tunneling; which came in handy as I accidentally nuked that VM and had to start over. That lead to a different version of the IPv6 articles that read more like a HOWTO than the previous things. I also took a couple of “early” posts and created actual pages for them.

Is this going to be a dev blog? No. Trust me, it will focus heavily on any software and/or hardware stuff I’m working on; but it will likely often deviate away from that. I know I’ll have to add a butt-load of categories added for organizing blog posts; I pretty much just make them up as I go. I am still working on a very long-overdue page about how I’m handling all my image hosting needs; other than the most recent changes in it’s setup, I got sidetracked setting up a release file for an APK of the Android client I use…because it’s not on Play and no one else distributes a build.

And I still haven’t done anything with the ham blog.

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