October News

I hurt; and I mean an extreme amount of severe pain. I “fixed” the imagehost, but not really. And other stuff.

So back in 2013 I destroyed my back; blew out by L4/L5. Doing my job since being able to return had always been interesting. The big problem is that the work I do is what destroyed it. But the bigger issue is my employer; who has demanded more hours for less pay. I haven’t been able to walk in a month and this asshole refuses to drop my hours so I can get better. Just the opposite, he’s starting to get angry at me for being hurt all the time.

I can’t call out; I will be terminated without question. Finding a new line of work has been virtually impossible.

This blog was the first thing to get pushed to the side. I reached a point where I just hurt too much to think after forcing my way through severe spinal injury so this guy can make a buck and I’m stuck in a dead end.

I fixed the imagehost, but only by taking it out if systemd, starting it with cro, and using another cron script to reboot it every day. I think it’s all auth based. I hurt too much to fix it.

Also, becoming a paraplegic at this point would be preferable to this. At least i could get some fucking disability. Destroy your back, go to work. Sit on your ass, become overweight, and they’ll just hand you disability.

It’s proof one can literally work themselves to death and get screwed while the lazy prevail.