Twitter Confirmed: I’m A WordPress Expert (also: We Have A Twitter Now)

You heard it ladies and gentlemen….we now have a Twitter account. I made it as a response to a yet-unpublished post where I dive down a steep rabbit hole about who wrote the Amphibious theme.

But it also apparently declared me an expert….with WordPress. Oh ye of too much faith.

So if you looked over at the sidebar you’ll find a nice sidebar widget with a Twitter feed. Yes, we have a Twitter. I personally was on Twitter for *years* before deciding to leave it. I’m still not personally there; however I decided to make one strictly for the website.

You see, I’m working on a post in which I go down a somewhat shallow (or too deep) rabbit hole in to who TemplatePocket is. I mean I will give credit to a random Gitlab repository with a fake name and fake picture; but I think the bigger thing was why? Typically if someone doesn’t put their name on something it’s because they either stole it or they’re doing something nefarious with it. I’m not sure that’s the case either way…leading to a real mystery as to who the hell actually did this.

I then realized that for the last couple of years…I ran this site the same way. In fact I had even less interaction since TemplatePocket does have a contact form where as I had nothing. Nada. Site comments were totally disabled.

So I decided to pick up a twitter just for the site so people (who use Twitter) can at comment on what they read (probably on some other website.) Rather than clog things up with 5,000 twitter links…it’s a damn widget in the sidebar.

Anyway; promptly after getting that set-up I wrote a tweet just to have something in the timeline. I also tagged it #wordpress because I’m not spending any money on advertising; I’m just gonna hashtag the shit out of things and hope I can get a following that way. I had some other things I had to do, so I went and took care of them.

So I came back to this in my notifications. Now..I’m torn. Most of the time I got added to a list of anything it was usually for people in a geographic area or annoying shitheads that need to shut up. Most of this I assume is bots. Of course the funny thing is Dr. Suren (@HaktanSuren) gives me entirely too much credit. Me? A WordPress Expert? I’m…..not an expert…at anything. “I drink and I do things.” I mean…is it because I self-host my own WordPress? Most people tell me I’m crazy to do that. Like…literally; just about everyone is like “you don’t buy WordPress hosting? You really should just let someone else handle it.” You know how many times I broke the code trying to make the printf statement work for the random tails? At least twice.

I had WordPress hosting before, it sucks. I’m part of an organization that buys professional WordPress hosting…I am not all that impressed with it. Anytime I do anything on it’s dashboard or load a page, the rendering time is just soooo slow. Changing a theme, updating a plugin….just so much render time. At least by self-hosting I can do things like whatever the hell I want. Did you know my PHP upload is set to 2gigs? It’s still horribly broken and won’t accept that file…but the point is I could make that work if I cared enough to do it.

Oh well. I think I’ll sit here and admire the fact I’m a “Certified WordPress Expert” and break some code.