Author: dewdude

Fuck Twitter

Here’s a platform they can’t kick me off of. One that I basically own. But fuck twitter. Fuck Twitter for having a very uneven hand in running your platform. For allowing some people to get away with literal murder and for silencing others. Fuck Twitter for putting their advertising dollars above the values of the
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Domains are back

I had to change registrars….this was fun…and adter the behavior of the previous one I’m glad I got away from them. For the last few years I’ve had my domain at Netfirms. The prices were agreeable and I never had an issue. That however changed over the weekend when I went to renew my domains.
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Routing Tunneled IPv6

  As great as FiOS is (and no, this isn’t running on it), one of the major flaws is that Verizon has acted like IPv6 doesn’t exist. For such a “next-gen” fiber-optic network, the only thing we’ve gotten from VZ is talks of it “coming soon”. But after 6 years, soon still hasn’t come. It
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