NAS²: Less Redundant With A Rant

It didn’t take long for me to have some major issues with the Remote² storage setup. So I cleaned some things up and wound up getting pissed off enough I’m going to go on a rant.

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Remote Storage On Remote Storage

Let’s face it, the entire point of remote storage is technically just getting storage remotely. But at what point does your remote storage become…too remote? From Tales of the Department of Redundancy Department, I bring you this massive convoluted networking crime of NASing while NASing.

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rtorrent + rutorrent & nginx on Ubuntu 18.04

Recently I acquired a Dell PowerEdge R610 for one purpose, and decided to virtualize all the things! This posed an issue when I went googling for information on typical configurations; typically a headless VM doing this task is a seedbox and so many things were geared toward that usage. But I didn’t need things like an ftp server or something to just grab and hoard everything.

So I dove in, broke a lot of stuff, fixed some, and ripped out broken parts I didn’t need. I figured I’d share my experiences; as well as some of the hassles I had from my particular setup.

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