The Worst Thing On Twitter

I was really hoping I’d never have to sit and write this. I’ve felt this brewing for 10 years, I’ve seen it coming. I’ve tried to hide it, I’ve tried to be nice. I just can’t do it anymore. I just can’t. My core principals have been shattered.

The worst thing on Twitter are hypocritical feminists who actually want to see men be completely inferior. Let me explain…..

I’ve had some really horrible experiences in relationships. Pretty much every girlfriend I’ve had, except one, cheated on me. Most of them used me as an ATM or when they wanted something. I got manipulated to hell…..I also let myself get manipulated out of sheer loneliness. Loneliness is a hell of a thing. It will make you put up with shit you shouldn’t, it will degrade your self-worth to nothing. You will begin a long cycle of this bullshit untill two things happen:

you snap

you give up

I for one…gave up. I just accepted my forever alone status and went about my life. I didn’t go around blaming women, I didn’t go around saying it was them. No, on the contrary…I actually blamed myself for letting myself get manipulated by them. I never once judged the entire sex by the actions of a few bitches that took advantage of me. Never.

I never agreed with the idea of women being inequal. I just can’t understand that shit. Not once in my life did someone’s sex ever determine how I treated or judged them. I realized it’s happened for years; it sucks. I know it; and I would have been the first one right there fighting with you.

The problem is….you don’t want equality. You literally want men to be nothing but pieces of shit. I can’t stand for that either. How the fuck is that equality?

And please…don’t bring up “they did it to us”. When you lower yourself to doing the same shit…..that’s exactly what you’re doing…playing in shit. Anyone can fucking jump in the shit and fling it around, it doesn’t take any skills to do that.

What basically sparked this was someone on Twitter who seemed to imply it’s perfectly ok to call all men assholes…that we are to be judged simply for being male.


It’s wrong for me, as a guy, to judge you as a woman. But it’s for some reason ok…as a woman…to judge the entire male sex…and to actually encourage that?


The problem is, after calling out this double standard….I was attacked…personally. My entire character demeaned by these stupid feminist bitches on Twitter…who can’t fucking see how goddamn hypocritical they are.

If there was context to the whole thing…someone should have told me. When someone takes my shit out of context…I point them to the tweet that gives them context.

No, suddenly I’m a reason men are bad.

What pisses me off is these stupid bitches don’t know me…they’re passing judgement on me for the fact my brain works in this entirely logical way. A double standard is a double standard.

So you know what…I’m done. I’m done defending you. I’m done standing with you. You want to sit there and throw flaming pitch forks…that’s fine. But you have *completely* accomplished the exact opposite.

I don’t most women as equal anymore; I just see them as hypocritical bitches who want to use us as much as they bellyache about men using them. A bunch of bitches who get angry when you say shit…but then demand you allow them to say the same shit.

You want to be treated like men? You want to prove that maybe you’re a little bit better than men in some cases? Don’t be stupid cunts and stoop to the same level. Don’t sit there and demand you get to disparage an entire sex while insisting we can’t do the same.

Seriously….any fucking stupid moron can follow a group in to the shit. It takes real leaders to lead. From what I saw today….your entire movement doesn’t have leaders. It has women jumping down in to the exact same shit; doing to men what men have done to you.

While on one hand I can’t blame you…on the other….you’ve basically invalidated your entire point by stooping to the same tactics.

And while I had my name and face plastered all over Twitter by a bunch of pissed off bitches..I’m not going to restort to the childish bullshit like that. It’s not my style. I don’t make examples out of people.

Only whiny stupid cunts do that shit.

And if you’re one of those guys…who supported it. Do you really fucking think it’ll get you somewhere special? Those women will fucking roll over on you as soon as they’re done with your support. You’re just as stupid as they are. Grow some balls and really treat women equally…call out their bullshit double standards.

Domains are back

I had to change registrars….this was fun…and adter the behavior of the previous one I’m glad I got away from them.

For the last few years I’ve had my domain at Netfirms. The prices were agreeable and I never had an issue. That however changed over the weekend when I went to renew my domains.

The first thing that happened is my credit card wasn’t accepted. The only reason I can think of is some kind of block on international transactions since the registrar is based in Canada. But what got me is this suspended my account every single time. This required me to email in a copy of my driver’s license.

I did this…they told me to try again. Same thing. Account locked. Resubmitted payment…failure and suspension again. I tried PayPal…instant suspension.

No matter what I did…they didn’t want my money and didn’t seem to want me as a customer. I already emailed them my driver’s license several times..I was getting sick of it.

So I decided to transfer over to Namecheap. I had them for a WordPress blog back before I bought this server and…it was ok. So I got my auth codes…paid Namecheap…and submitted the transfer.

This is where the previous registrar went total asshole. The very first thing they did before notifying me about the pending transfer was cancel my account. Then they sent me some badly worded and confusing email. What thrys sent me was a confirmation of transfer…what they told me is that it was a link to cancel and that my domain would auto transfer on Thanksgiving.

In the meantime…they malformed my DNS entries…effectively hijacking my domains. While my IP was still showing up…they had added theirs to it. All of my resources were unavailable. Things kept running and if I happen to want something on a port they didn’t have on their parking server…I could still get in. But all the web content was locked away.

Anyway…turns out the page thry linked me was a confirmation and cancellation page. Oncr I clicked the confirmation link…they transferred in five minutes.

Some have told me the DNS stuff was normal when using registrar basic domains, others have said its hostile. I think if anything, NetFirms was trying to make it as difficult and confusing as possible; as a customer that’s a bit shady and a reason to never use them again.

I have high hopes I won’t have these problems with Namecheap.

Routing Tunneled IPv6


As great as FiOS is (and no, this isn’t running on it), one of the major flaws is that Verizon has acted like IPv6 doesn’t exist. For such a “next-gen” fiber-optic network, the only thing we’ve gotten from VZ is talks of it “coming soon”. But after 6 years, soon still hasn’t come. It looks like if I want IPv6 support on my network, I’m going to have to tunnel it. So why not just set something up to make IPv6 available on my network like it was native, but it’s all running through a tunnel.

That’s just what I did, and in a long roundabout way; here’s how it’s done.

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Android Music Players: My Running List (Updated: 9 Apr)

This is going to be a continually updated list of music/media players I’ve tried for Android, along with my successes, failures, and opinions of the application. My only main requirement that I cannot flex on is that it must support Ogg Opus. It is, for this reason, many of you may find your favorite “best media player ever” got a pretty negative review.

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It’s Time To Retire My iPod

It’s time to face the music…my iPod has to be retired. Though they’ve served me well for 13 years, it’s time to bite the bullet and change, once again, how I listen to music. In fact, it’s been close to 20 years since my serious musical journey started. So I’m going to take this time to reflect upon all my previous methods, why my I made my iPods last so long, and what’s next.

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