Thanks for visiting traces its roots to 2002 when it began serving as the domain name for my outward facing internet services. Over the years it has existed in many forms during my various periods of ownership.¬†Currently, the new server does not carry the name in any official¬†capacity; ending it’s off-and-on 15 year run of serving this purpose. was thought of one afternoon in the spring of 2002 while trying to decide a “clever” or semi-nonsensical domain to buy. My first thought was to solicit suggestions from the readers under the title “Help Me Pick My .com”. When I rephrased this in my head with .net and .org; pick my .org had this special ring to me the other’s didn’t. I didn’t waste any time asking anyone by that point because I was hung on Being non-sensical, as well as a .org; it has survived lapse of ownership and hasn’t gotten sniped by someone looking to sell it for tons of money.

The original form of was a personal blog that carried the tagline “The Best Website Nobody Reads”. Having recently started a travel-related blog that I’ve actually been putting content on regularly, I am seriously considering taking back to it’s roots. There’s also the question of balancing 3¬†2 blogs, as I also run a ham-radio related blog.