On March 28, 2024, pickmy.org and all related sites went offline. We were back online 10 hours later; plus however long it took the TTLs to expire so the DNS changes propagate.

This is what happened:

    - The hypervisor suffered a hardware failure.
    - Thanks to the gracious work of our host, we are back up and running on a previous backup in a different location.

On April 8, 2024, the original hardware was repaired and is back online.

The following happened:

- DNS A records were switched back to old IPs and AAAA records restored.
- Services that didn't rely on DNS were flipped over.
- An nginx configuration issue was tracked down and fixed.
- A copy of the previous page was pushed to the repostory.
- This page was pushed to the repository
- Images uploaded to the imghost were pushed.

I am waiting to see if anything else breaks.

Thanks Fohdeesha.