NFTs Are A Scam And The Proof Is Clear

I’ve made no attempt to hide my disdain for crypto and NFT’s. While the idea is clear on paper, it’s still in my book a scam. From the behavior of crypto-bros, the tax-dodging, and the fact it’s used by countries to get around international monetary sanctions by providing a path to launder/hide money; it’s clear that none of this has any positive effect. If anything, it has only brought the worst out. Ransomware that attacks our critical infrastructure and facilities….all demand payout in crypto. Most of the people selling NFT’s are just trying to scam people.

That’s why this post pains me.

First of all, read this page:

For those who don’t know what Goldwave is; it’s a somewhat infamous audio editor. It was part of the very early era of audio software and has been a bit of a mainstay since. It’s not the same stuff they use in the studio, but it’s found it’s way in to numerous things for it’s ease of use. Finding Neil Armstrong’s missing word from the moon was done using Goldwave to analyze the audio.It’s also the audio software I started on. Basic editing, basic effect, basic restoration; they were all done with Goldwave…on a license I bought 25 years ago.

So here’s why this really irks me.

“Acquire the source code and intellectual property from the Windows version of GoldWave.”

Here’s the thing….who is acquiring the code? As far as I know…Goldwave has been a one man operation. Chris has single-handedly developed everything. AFAIK, he’s also developing Goldwave Infinity. Why is there a monetary requirement to acquire the intellectual property from the Windows version? If things have changed and he has more people…he has never disclosed this. I have to assume he’s still a single person.

The only solution I can come up with is it’s a money grab. This feels less like “acquiring” the IP and more like “hey if you guys give me two million dollars I’ll open source this”. Then there’s this line:

If we are unable to reach our primary funding goal or if we receive a substantially larger private acquisition offer

Say what?

I mean here’s the problem…I owe a lot to Chris and Goldwave. That program pretty much is the reason I’ve had a lot of fun messing with audio; but this is starting to feel like a less-legitimate crowdsource offer.

OF course the NFTs don’t help matters. They’re just bragging rights. Okay…they may be a lifetime license to the non-browser version of Goldwave….but it feels silly to buy an NFT for a native version of a program that I suspect won’t be updated once the dev has gotten his millions and open-sourced.

Chris….I think you owe some people some explanations. If this is your retirement fund…you should just say it. Trust me, I’m all for faking it until you make it; I act like everything I do has a large crew behind me. But I’m also not asking for money from people.

I’m sorry…but in the meantime…Goldwave has gone from something I respect to another program scamming in on the NFT craze. I can’t support that.