Auth Module, Verizon, & My Poor Back

So far November is looking better than most of October. My back is finally starting to straighten itself back out. Despite having worked the last two months with what was essentially a slipped disc or “thrown out” back…it’s not hurting as much to walk, sleep, breathe, eat, pee, or laugh. It still hurts, but at a more tolerable level. I also somewhat figured out the problems with the imagehost and I jumped ship to Verizon (Wireless).

Bye Bye Imgur

My self-hosted image host is live! Or about as live as it will ever be. That’s because it’s literally something I built for just me! (I’m not selfish but build your own). I wrote part I last week, trashed part II in favor of using it a few days. Well…here we go.

Building My Own Image Host

I am building my own image host on, when I say image host; I mean something a bit more hacked together than just putting images in a directory and turning autoindex on. But something that’s a cross between imgur and a simple self-hosted image gallery. Here’s what I’ve been able to do, where I need to go from here, and why I’m doing it this way.