eBay Can Eff Itself

I just sold something on eBay; it wasn’t worth it. This is because when it was all said and done; I had to pay eBay fees for an amount $40 higher than what the item sold for; shipping and sales tax. Yes…I had to pay a fee…on taxes…and fees…for fees. The reality is it cost me about half in fees and shipping than what I got for the item.

I deleted my eBay account. In my book it’s unethical to charge a fee for tax; it shows you clearly look to extract as much money as you can from the sellers. Why not make the buyers pay some of that?

At this point everyone selling on eBay is a massive idiot. They’re ripping you off. A small business would not get away with that, I would know. Don’t let eBay geta way with it.

Posted on: 30-AUG-2022