Random Updates

I’m keeping the intro short to make sure seperators are working.

So this update was to accomplish two things: test a new script and make it look like I still put content on the site. Whenever I write a post, I have a githook that pulls the repo and builds the site. This is probably the most efficient way of doing a jekyll site; and it’s the reason I have a site repository. But, this comes with a catch; Jekyll deletes the entire wwwroot every time you build. It works on the assumption that you’re using your satic site generator properly.

But as you know, I don’t do things properly.

For starters, I’m still outputting PHP. This is literally a matter of setting front-matter to set a php extension. It’s also why I wrote a basic script to do posts. It populates the front matter with date, time, permalink, title, and all of that. Of course it does it exactly how I want it since I wrote it. But that’s got nothing to do with the scripts I’m testing. One of the things Jekyll does whenever you build the site is delete the entire root directory before building. This is because it assumes I’m letting it handle ALL my content.

But I’m not…clearly. I not only don’t need my non-compositions in the git taking up space; I don’t want to make it THAT easy to find the full site layout. I could care less about you guys seeing all the markdown and HTML source; you can get all those on the website. But the 5000 files I keep stored on there? No. Of course, three of these files I don’t want to keep on the repo are used by the site.

So, more scrits. I keep all the site data not in the repo in a directory; then just symlink EVERYTHING in to the www directory.

Aside from that; I’ve been failing at finding a remote gig. I’ve sold all my radios and will likely not be returning to ham radio. I’m at the point where I’ll have to go get a shitty job that will pay worse than my last one, leave me with no free time, and probably be worse on my back.

So…yeah. When that happens I’ll likely just stop doing a lot of what I do. If my life is going to be working 20 hours a week at two retail jobs for minimum wage and no benefits; I’ll likely just be sleeping and depressed all the time.

You ever just come to the conclusion you’re a waste of space? That when you die, your death might affect a few close people; but on the whole…the rest of society wouldn’t be harmed? That’s basically where I’m at. What I do know is becoming useless. I can’t do physical labor anymore. The world has squeezed all it’s usefulness out of me. I’m largely just waiting to die.

Posted on: 22-SEP-2022